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由 2011 年 1 月1 日 起,所有 Yale 夾萬之產品保用服務由 The PLC Group (專業鎖類中心) 提供。


  1. 由購買日期起,客戶可享有一年由PLC提供之自攜保養維修服務。
  2. 保用期內用戶如需保養維修服務,請致電PLC客戶服務熱線+852 2765 9667,並提供產品型號及詳述問題細節。我們的技術人員將在電話中向用戶解答問題。如果產品需要維修,請將產品連同保用證及正式發票帶來本公司維修。
  3. 保用期內產品在正常使用下有任何損壞或故障 (本公司保留最終決定權),本公司會提供基本維修服務。
  4. 用戶如需要本公司提供保用證上並未包括的服務,例如︰上門維修、額外購買及更換零件等,本公司可能向用戶徵收合理的服務費及零件費。
  5. 本保用服務不適用於下列情況︰
    1. 曾經由非本公司技術人員修理或更改。
    2. 任何因人為損壞、不依說明書指示使用、疏忽使用、因撞擊、墮地、 意外或天然災害而引致之損壞。
  6. 請妥善保存此保用證,並於修理時與購買商號所發出之正式收據或發票一併出示方可獲得免費保養維修服務。
  7. 保用證上所載之資料,產品購買日期,必須與購買商號所發出之正式收據或發票相同。保用證如經塗改,立即作廢。
  8. 購買了防火夾萬的顧客如遇上火災,若能提供香港警察發出的火災意外紀錄,及已損壞之防火夾萬或正式購買發票作證明,本公司保證以"一換一"之條件為顧客更換全新同一型號之防火夾萬。此項條款只適用於所有設備防火功能之 Yale 夾萬。
  9. 客戶如遺失保用證,本公司有權拒絕提供保養維修服務。本證不會補發。
  10. 本保用證只適用於香港。
  11. 本保用證上列明之保用服務會根據條款 (1) 之指定的期間繼續生效,不管產品的擁有權或安裝地點已經變動。但顧客需負責所有因產品擁有權或安裝地點變動而增加之額外服務費用。

以上所載,PLC 有權修改、取消或增加條款。恕不另行通知。如以上保用條款的中英文版本有任何歧義或牴觸,概以英文版本為準。



Yale Safe Warranty Registration

Starting from 1 January 2011, all Yale Safe® warranty service is provided by The PLC Group.

Terms & Conditions

  1. Commencing from Date of Purchase, PLC will provide One Year Limited Warranty (Drop-in Service) to customers.
  2. For service inquiries within warranty period, please call our Customer Service Hotline, +852 2765 9667, quoting the Model Number and Problem. We will try to diagnose the problem over the phone. If further service is required, please bring the product to our company along with this Warranty Card and the official Purchase Invoice.
  3. For any defect caused under normal use (on which our company reserves the right for final decision) within warranty period, PLC will provide basic repair service.
  4. PLC may charge the customers for extra services that are Not Included on this
    Warranty Card, e.g. On-site Diagnosis Service, Extra Consumption and Installation of replacement parts, etc.
  5. This warranty will be voided if the product has been:
    1. Repaired, Altered, Tampered by any person other than PLC's technicians.
    2. Damage caused by Misuse of the product by the customer, not following the Operating Instructions, Negligence, Accident or Natural Calamities.
  6. Please retain this Warranty Card and present it together with the Purchase Invoice / Receipt issued by the dealer to our technicians for inspection when service is rendered.
  7. If the information recorded in this Warranty Card mismatch with that on Purchase Invoice / Receipt issued by the dealer, warranty service will not be provided. This Warranty Card will be voided if it is altered or amended.
  8. For customers who had bought Fire Safes and encountered fire accident, PLC guarantees to have one to one replacement on the same Fire Safe model if the customer can present the accident record issued by the Hong Kong Police together with the damaged fire safe or formal purchase invoice as evidence. This Term will ONLY apply to Yale Safes with Fire Proof Function.
  9. If the customer loses this Warranty Card, PLC reserves the right to provide warranty service or not.
  10. This Warranty is valid for Hong Kong only.
  11. The warranty service described in this Warranty Card is on product itself and will continue to apply for the period specified in clause (1), regardless of change of ownership or location. Customers are responsible for all extra warranty service charges associated with change of ownership or relocation of the product.

PLC reserves the right to amend, at its sole discretion and without notice, any of the conditions described in this Warranty Card. Any liability which otherwise may arise out of or in connection with such alteration is expressly excluded. The Chinese version of these Terms and Conditions is for reference only. In case of any discrepancy between the Chinese version and English version, the English version of the Terms and Conditions shall prevail.

Please fill in and retain this Warranty Card together with Formal Invoice / Receipt issued by the dealer for warranty purpose. DO NOT SEND THE WARRANTY CARD TO PLC.