Yale philosophy

We believe our people are critical to the success of Yale, carrying all of the heritage, experience and reputation of the brand - and revitalising it to move it forward into the future.

This commitment happens at every level of the company - and here are the thoughts and vision of some of our key people:

Proud to represent "unparalleled experience" Yale the obvious choice for residential offering

Yale was the obvious choice when we had to decide which of our brands would represent our complete range of residential solutions. Despite the huge diversity evident in the South Asia markets, Yale uniformly stands for ‘great quality’ and ‘trustworthiness.’ The deep, direct connection consumers have with the brand is inspiring. Every single day, as we take Yale, the world’s favorite lock, to our customers, we experience immense pride. It’s the pride of representing a brand that offers an unparalleled experience.

Manu Ahuja

Strong marketing strategy brings edges to Yale’s products, functionally and aesthetically

Passing 171 years of legacy, Yale continues to spearhead global lock product market with its strong product lineup and marketing strategy. From mechanical locks to digital door locks, Yale has offered all-round security solutions to millions of households all over the world. We take much pride in understanding each local market so as to customize products that truly meet their needs and developing marketing campaigns that communicate with local resonant messages. Rising popularity in digital products is a good example. We will continue to offer the best security solutions to raise standards in lock products both functionally and aesthetically.

Rebecca Yim
Branding Director
ASSA ABLOY Asia Pacific

以能夠代表「 無以倫比的體驗 」而自豪
耶魯 - 住宅安防產品的最佳選擇

「當我們必須確定哪個品牌最能代表我們的全系列住宅解決方案時,耶魯無疑是最佳選擇。儘管南亞市場變化多端,耶魯始終代表著「 最高品質 」和「 值得信賴 」。消費者與該品牌之間深入、直接的聯繫分外令人振奮。每一天,當我們將耶魯這個世界最受歡迎的鎖具品牌推介給客戶時,我們都感到無限的自豪。能夠代表一個提供無與倫比體驗的品牌,這份自豪感簡直無法用言語來形容。」

Ahuja, Manu



Rebecca Yim