Why choose a smart lock?

Smart locks allow you to access your home easily and in one step: just press your finger on your digital lock sensor. This is one many reasons to go digital!

No more rummaging through pockets or bags

Have you ever thought about how many steps may be involved in opening a front door?

Search for the keys in your bag, pick the right key, accidently drop the key, try to fit your key into the slot but realize it is upside down, turn your key but in the wrong direction…

Smart door locks allow you to access your home easily and in one step: just press your finger on your digital lock sensor.

No more locking the door

We all seem to be in a rush these days - whether it’s hurrying to work when you oversleep or running back home to cook dinner for your family in the evening.

It is easy to forget to lock your door in these situations, and your property and family members become exposed to threats from burglars!

Smart locks will automatically lock as the door closes; eliminating the risk of forgetting to lock the door every time you exit or enter your home.

No more forgotten keys

Do your children always forget their keys and end up sitting outside your home or hanging around waiting until someone comes back?

With an electronic lock the keys are already inside their fingers - all they have to do is punch in a simple code or scan their fingrprint.

No more losing keys

Lost keys are expensive - even if you don’t have to change your locks. With a digital lock there are no keys to lose - so no more getting angry with yourself or your children if a key gets lost or stolen, smart locks offer an effective solution to these situations once and for all.

No need to carry a key

Sometimes you just don’t want to carry a key around when you are out running or walking with your dog. Just press your finger to the digital lock sensor or type in your PIN code for easy and secure access.

No more spare keys

No matter how many family members, trusted friends, neighbors or cleaners you have, smart locks' keyless feature saves you all the expense and hassle of finding a locksmith or key cutter to duplicate spare keys for each person.

No more passive security

Most digital door locks are smart alarms too, protecting you from burglary, vandalism and fire.

Smart lock and keyless entry products