Which smart lock is right for you?

With each passing year, the sophistication of keyless smart locks becomes more affordable and easier to use. Smart door locks are now the model for front door security and convenience. As keyless access control becomes more widespread within residential areas, it is quite likely that your home will be next.


Buying a smart door lock is just like buying any other piece of convenience technology.

Try to remember why you purchased your first smartphone. If you only sought the basic functions of a cellphone, a traditional model would have satisfied your needs. However, you are a person who pursues convenience and lifestyle that only the newest technology can provide. Purchasing a digital door lock is exactly the same.

When you purchase a new piece of technology, what will you consider first? Size? Speed? Ability to work with other technology that you already own or plan to purchase? All these features contribute to how much convenience the new technology can bring you. Then comes style and, finally, price.

Purchasing a smart lock has similar considerations. Convenience comes first, followed by style, security level and, finally, price.

  • Preferred method of entry & features
  • Style
  • Level of security
  • Price

Preferred method of entry & features

Keyless locks provide alternative methods of entering your front door to suit each person's individual characteristics:

  • PIN code recognition: This type of smart door lock adds peace of mind by remembering a code. It can be easily shared with everyone, in any place and time by texting them. But if you are not good at remembering numbers, avoid these smart locks. You will lose your “key” if you forget the code.
  • Proximity card recognition: This type of smart door locks grants access by scanning a proximity card, which is small enough to be stored in your pocket or wallet. While it is ideal for people who do not like remembering numbers, it is not so good for careless people because they would still need to rummage through their belongings to find their wallet.
  • Biometric fingerprint recognition:
  • No fumbling for keys or forgetting your code. Just press your finger on the smart lock and you’re in. This type of keyless door lock is more expensive than the others though.

Level of Security

Most smart locks follow the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) grade specification.

  • Grade 1- Best
  • Grade 2 – Better
  • Grade 3 - Good

Simply choose the security level that is most affordable. Grade 2 or above is enough for securing your family and home.


Setting the budget for a smart lock is similar to buying any other piece of technology. Remember, you are purchasing a lock to increase your convenience and unlocking the potential of your home security. Keyless locks are durable so do not skimp on your budget. Focus on the security and convenience features you need for a reasonable price!

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