The latest keyless digital locking concept

Do you remember those futuristic sci-fi movie scenes where astronauts put their palms, fingers or eyes near a sensor and whooooosh… a door automatically opens? You probably wondered when you would have one in your home - well that day has finally arrived - biometric smart locks are here!

What are biometric smart locks?

A biometric digital lock refers to any locking system (mainly door locks) that uses a person’s physical unique characteristic such as a fingerprint, hand geometry, eye scan or voice to verify his identity for door access.

Virtually impossible to fake, and with you at all times - just one quick action can give you access to your home!

Digital Lock Evolution

Biometric access control has existed for quite a while but its applications have been limited to government and corporate use. As the technology has developed, the cost of producing biometric smart locks has fallen, and Yale are now making them affordable to many homeowners.

The emergence of smart locks brings you keyless convenience and changes your lifestyle:

  • no need to bring keys
  • no need to lock doors
  • no more rummaging through pockets, purses or bags
  • no more forgotten and lost keys
  • no need for spare keys
  • no more cutting keys for visitors

Door Lock Industry Future

Smart locks will be at the heart of the front door lock market in the future. As lifestyles shift, more and more traditional key-driven mechanical door locks will be replaced by biometric digital locks.

You change your television, mobile phone, and computer often to get the latest technology. Why not add convenient, front door keyless smart locks to the list?

We are now living in the digital era… are you ready?

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