Inner door security

The security level of internal doors does not need to be as high as for external doors. The consideration of inner door security focuses more on safety, durability, etc.

Inner Door Closers

Door closers are important for your safety - keeping the disabled, elderly or your children safe from injury from a closing door, and preventing the spread of fire and smoke if a fire occurs.

You need to be aware of the following factors when choosing door closers for internal doors:

Door Closer Type

Yale recomends surface mounted door closers as they take very little time to install and they are the least expensive.

Door Closer Size

The wider and heavier the door, the larger the spring size required to control the door. For an inner door, size 2 should be sufficient.

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Inner Door Hinges

Yale recommended ball bearing door hinges for interior doors, as they are frequently used. Bearing door hinges increase the durability of the hinge and tend not to make a creaking sound, as the ball bearings reduce friction.

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Inner Door Locks

Knob Sets / Door Lever Sets

Security is not the primary concern for inner doors. A single latch lock can usually satisfy that requirement. Surface mounted door knob sets and door lever sets are always the popular choice of homeowners, as they are economical and easy to install.

Keep in mind that knob and door lever sets have a variety of options on both sides: push-button, keyed or just a handle, depending on the different function.

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Mortise Locks

If you are cautious, you may want high security for inner doors as well as exterior ones. It does make sense in some cases. If burglars break through your front line of defense, a strong inner door lock may delay the thief from reaching you, thereby giving the police time to catch them.

That is why mortise locks are often considered as an alternative to internal door locks. Mortise locks offer higher security, but remember they are more expensive than simple indoor locks. Installation is more complicated too, because the lock is concealed inside the door and it needs to work in sync with separate door levers and cylinders.

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Standalone Alarms

Installing standalone alarms in single rooms is becoming more popular, as it completes the inner door security solution. Easy to install and wireless, today’s standalone alarms are connected via your smartphone - so you can activate/deactivate the alarm or receive notice when it is triggered through your smartphone.

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