Secure every part of your home

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We have highlighted all the possible secure areas in your home and surroundings to teach you how to choose door locks and hardware – from padlocks, door locks, latch locks, door handles, door closers, safes, alarm, electronic door locks and more to secure your home and ensure your home security.

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Front door security

The front door is the first line of defense against unlawful entry. Burglars often target a home with an unsecured front door. Nowadays, there is a variety of choices of entrance door locks, including innovative digital locks, high security door handle sets and mortise locks. As well as fitting door locks to secure your door, make sure there is a home alarm system to complete your comprehensive home security, with door viewer and door chain installed so that you can check who is at the door before allowing them inside.

Belongings security

Most people have relatively small items of high value such as jewelry, cameras, etc. stored in their home. With the rise of identity theft, it is also worth considering a safe in which to store important documents such as passports and birth certificates. High security electronic safes are the perfect choice for protecting valuable items against fire and burglary. Cash boxes are important to secure your money. You can also lock your drawers or cabinets with indoor padlocks for securing your less valuable possessions.

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