What types of padlocks are available?

Whether a simple lock or a complex high-security device, all padlocks have three basic components: the shackle, body and locking mechanism.

Shackle - The loop of metal that opens and closes around the item being secured. Shackles come in various lengths and diameters to suit a range of needs.

Body - The solid part of the padlock containing the locking mechanism.

Locking mechanism/cylinder - For keyed access, this is the cylinder and for combination locks, it is a rotary mechanism or dial.



Types of padlocks

Padlocks are everywhere. In homes and businesses, sheds and storage units, gym lockers and toolboxes, even keeping garden furniture and play equipment where it belongs. Such a wide range of uses requires a wide range of padlocks.  Here are the most common ones.


The body is made form multiple layers of metal riveted together. This makes laminated locks much harder to pry open giving a tough, tamper-resistant option.

Outdoor padlock products

Weather resistant

Left outside for a long time, regular padlocks will rust or corrode to the point they can’t be opened. Made from weather-resistant materials, such as stainless steel, or with a shroud protecting the locking mechanism, weather-resistant padlocks are designed to withstand the elements.

Weatherproof padlock products


Instead of a key, combination locks are unlocked with a rotary dial or series of buttons. They are a handy option for multiple users, frequently opened locks, or people who don’t like to be weighed down with keys.
Combination padlock products

Combination with key control

The best of both worlds, this padlock type can be opened with the right combination or a master “control” key if the user forgets or doesn’t know the code. It is popular in multi-user environments, such as schools and locker rooms.

Guarded/shrouded/shielded padlocks

Solid metal guards surround the shackle leaving only the top exposed making it nearly impossible to cut the shackle with a bolt-cutter.

High security

When protecting high-value assets a high-security padlock is a must. They come with features such as a hardened steel or shrouded shackle, pick-resistant key cylinder or a reinforced locking mechanism to resist prying.

High security padlock products