Do I need a safe?

Mention safes and most people think of locking up cash, jewelry and similar expensive items. But with the convenience provided by digital safes, documents, memories, collections and treasured relationships can be protected, not only from theft, but fire and humidity.


The advanced materials and technology in digital safes provide three key advantages over their traditional counterparts:

  • Speed: quick access to your valuables by using a keypad and code rather than a key or combination
  • All-hours access: easy-to-read backlit displays and extra bight LED interior lighting make digital safes accessible in the dark and low light conditions
  • Comprehensive protection: items are protected against burglary, fire (we call fire safe) and environmental impact from, for instance, humidity.

Protect your lifestyle

Traditionally, people have used mechanical locks to secure their most expensive items leaving other possessions in drawers or cupboards where they are much easier to access. This places those possessions at risk, not just of theft but damage.

Digital safes have changed this situation, giving people almost instant access to their valuables around the clock. So as well as locking up cash and jewelry, digital safe owners can protect their:

  • Memories, such as childhood dolls, cards, travel mementoes
  • Relationships, such as the first photo taken with a child or souse,  or letters written by their parents
  • Collections, such as limited edition CDs, books and stamps.
  • Future, such as important business document.