What should I consider when choosing a home alarm system?

If you have never bought a home alarm system before, this tutorial is just for you. Here you will find some simple exercises that many people have found valuable when preparing to purchase their first home alarm system.

Take Inventory

Walk around your home, room by room, and write down where every entry door and window is, and how an intruder can gain entry through it. Give some thought to where you would like to place the home alarm system's motion sensors. If you already know the coverage area of the sensors you plan to purchase, measure the area to ensure that it is within this limit.

Get Your Home Ready

It doesn't matter how good your home alarm system is if your home is a welcome mat for intruders. If your property has trees or shrubs that obscure your view of the street, cut them back. What you will lose in privacy, you will gain in security and peace of mind. Eliminate dark areas around the perimeter of your home by installing simple outdoor lights. Secure outdoor buildings. If you have a shed or a garage for your tools and ladder, lock it up. Why make it easy for intruders to break into your home? Fit deadbolts on all your perimeter access doors. These are your first line of defense against intruders. Fit security bars on your sliding patio doors. Check your window locks. If your windows can be pried open from the outside, get the locks replaced.

Practice, Practice, Practice!

Your music teacher was right. Practice makes perfect. Take a piece of paper and draw a numerical keypad on it, similar to what a home alarm system's control panel looks like. (Get your kids involved!) Affix it to the wall near your front door and get into the habit of entering in your access code every time you leave and enter your home. By doing so, your routine will be set by the time the real control panel gets installed.

By doing these simple exercises, we feel that you and your family will be well prepared for your new home alarm system. Good luck, and be safe and secure!

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