What are the latest home alarm system concepts?

Home alarm systems have undergone a massive change over the past decade. Technologies and features, which were once only found at offices of governments and rich multinational companies, or in spy movies, have now become so affordable that you can have them too. Here are a few of the trends in home alarm systems that are gaining popularity today:

Combined protection from theft and smoke

Home alarm systems have traditionally followed two divergent paths – burglary and theft protection, and smoke detection. Now, these paths have come together where you can purchase one system that addresses both needs. These new systems add an additional level of protection, offering a complete alarm solution for your home.

Go wireless!

Wireless alarm systems are fast becoming the preferred choice for homeowners as they offer superior flexibility and ease of installation. Because there are no wires to lay and connect, there is no damage to your home's décor. Additional motion sensors and window contacts can be added at any time, and you can even pack up the system and take it with you when you move to a new home.

Install it yourself

It used to be that when you wanted to have an alarm system put into your home, you had to hire a technician or an electrician to come and install it for you. The new home alarm systems are so simple to install, almost anyone can do it. Easy-to-install accessories, such as panic buttons, remote control devices and keypads let you upgrade and personalise your alarm system whenever you want to meet your home security needs.

Cellular connectivity

Today's modern home alarm systems use cellular-based technology for signalling and monitoring. Don't have a mobile phone? No problem, because the cellular signalling device is built right into the control unit. The signal strength required to operate these devices is low – less than what you need to have a phone conversation, making them suitable even in areas that have spotty signal coverage.