The door lever is not twisted smoothly. What should I do?

Many people are used to hanging various objects such as umbrellas, handbags or shopping bags on the door lever because of their greed. This not only increases the burden on the lever, but also has the opportunity to loosen or deform the lock body due to external pressure, and the door lock is not twisted.
Users should avoid hanging objects on the door lever. If the door lock is loose or twisted, please ask the locksmith for repair.

A key to the door is lost, what should I do?

You should ask the locksmith to change the lock.
Don't directly add the original key, because once someone holds your lost key, you can use it to open your door.

Can I use the same key to open all the door locks in my house?

In most cases, you can arrange all your door locks and open them with the same key, so you don't have to carry a bunch of different keys! You can also ask the locksmith, installer or seller for advice.

Can I install the Yale lock myself?

Yale Lock is specially designed for ease of use, and most people who have decorated their homes can easily install our products.
When installing the handle/door lock and the door latch on the same door, take a moment to align the locks to make sure the door bolts can be locked smoothly when the door is completely closed.
All Yale products are accompanied by detailed installation instructions.
Note: Some doors are pre-drilled with holes to facilitate the installation of door locks. If there are no pre-drilled holes in the door, you can ask a qualified service provider or installer to drill holes and open the door.

How to clean the Yale lock?

Do not use solvents or abrasive cleaners to clean any part of the product to avoid damaging the protective film on the surface of the product and voiding the product warranty.

Please wet the soft rag with water to erase the finger.


Apply a damp soft cloth to a mild soapy liquid to remove grease and dirt from the product.

Note: Please avoid using the label on the metal surface to remove the tarnish film or rust, or cleaning products containing acidic / corrosive substances.

What tools do I need to install the Yale lock?

To install most of the locks, just use a Phillips screwdriver; add the drill and drill bit to install the door handle.
Please refer to the installation instructions included with the lock to prepare all required tools.

How to determine the direction of the door lock lever before buying the door lock?

The direction of the door is determined by the party facing the door.

• If the door hinges to the left of the door, it is the left door.• If the door hinge is on the right side of the door, it is the right door.

When purchasing a product with a handle, please indicate whether the door is left or right. Not all products have separate left and right hands. It can be explained when necessary.

About product warranty and return

Please keep the warranty certificate and proof of purchase properly. Proof of purchase must be provided when applying for product warranty services, and all applications must be filed within two months of the discovery of your Yale product problem.
For details of product warranty service and product return arrangements, please contact your regional sales office or wholesaler.

About product warranty

The length of Yale product warranty varies by product type. You can refer to the instructions on the back of the production package. If your Yale product is rare due to problems with materials and design, Yale will provide you with a free replacement. If you find a problem within 12 months of purchasing the product, bring the problem product back to the store where you purchased it.

Your Yale product is guaranteed under the following conditions:

• The product is properly installed and maintained in accordance with the installation and maintenance guidelines issued by the company at the time of purchase.

• The product has not been modified

This product warranty does not apply to mechanical failures caused by intent or negligence, nor to the surface loss of your Yale products. Problems caused by improper use, defamatory, repair or modification, and violation of product use guidelines are also outside the scope of product warranty.

Yale only offers customers free replacement for products that have problems due to defective materials or designs. Yale will not be liable for any direct, indirect or derivative losses caused by other problematic products.

This product warranty is only applicable to installations in the residential area of ​​the country concerned and may not be transferred.